Wellness Roundup

Happy Fall! It has been quite a while since I've written a blog post, but I'm happy to be back. I've spent a big portion of the last several months traveling to places like New York City, Asheville, Memphis, Washington DC, and Virginia Beach. Each city has been a ton of fun to explore and I appreciate each one for its own unique qualities.

While I was in NYC for New York Fashion Week, I made it a priority to focus on self care. I was lucky enough to pay a visit to some amazing spots that I'll be sure to go back to visit whenever I'm in the city.

To kick off my trip, I stopped into Sundays Studio - NoMad at 51 E. 25th St. New York, NY 10010. I popped in for a meditation manicure and love the concept of being able to meditate while getting your nails done! The studio is decorated perfectly and has the most laid back and calming vibes. After choosing a blush pink color (they have their own line of nail polish!), I sat down and was given a drink, and some delicious granola to munch on. I was then given an iPod and noise cancelling headphones to put on. The guided meditation started playing and I closed my eyes. Before I knew it, I was incredibly relaxed and opened my eyes to find my nails were perfectly polished. I felt so content and only wish that Sundays Studio existed in Nashville. I was able to meet Aundria from the Sundays team - and she told me that she is actually from Nashville! I'm constantly amazed at how small of a world this really is. :) Other fans of Sundays include Jessica Alba, Vogue, and The New York Times.

In the midst of my trip, I stopped by Haven Spa in SoHo at 250 Mercer Street, New York, NY 10012. I checked in at the front desk and browsed around the spa goodies that they had for sale. I was then brought back to the locker rooms to change into a robe and sandals. After I was changed, I waited for my masseuse in Haven's relaxation room. I poured myself a cup of tea and enjoyed the environment. Although the room was just off of the main hallway, it felt serene and prepared me for the Tourist Massage, which is a 90 minute treatment designed for people that travel often. The massage was focused on stretches, energetic tuning massage, and hot/cold applications to make sure that my body was acclimated into the Eastern time zone.

Near the end of my trip, I headed to Sweet Lily Natural Nail Spa and Boutique at 222 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013. I enjoyed a luxurious Honey Walnut Pedicure and it was incredible. I soaked my feet in warm milk, almond oil, and ROSE PETALS. What I loved about Sweet Lily was its cozy decor and comfortable chairs to relax in while receiving services. I picked a light gray color and left with my feet feeling hydrated. At the end of my service, the ladies of Sweet Lily put some quick dry drops onto my toes and wrapped them in a thin sheet of plastic. I was able to put on socks and tennis shoes right after my service and my nails dried perfectly - it was incredible. Lady Gaga counts herself a fan of Sweet Lily, and now I do, too..because of the whimsical, down-to-earth, and calm atmosphere.

If you know me, you know that I love trying new salons, spas, and treatments. Self care comes in many forms - and for me, these visits were exactly what I needed to keep me fueled during fashion week. If you find yourself needing some "me" time, I've linked some fun at-home spa products below including the color I chose for my toes while in NYC, the hair mask I use, and even a lip mask!



Clary Collection

I love supporting locally owned businesses. Lucky for me, Nashville is a HAVEN for creative and entrepreneurial people. I recently stumbled upon Clary Collection, which is a small-batch organic beauty line that was started by Jen Auerbach and Adriel Denae. Both women bonded over their search for natural and effective salves when they were pregnant. They realized that even some of the organic lines they tried were full of unnatural ingredients. They created Clary Collection with a commitment to launching a line of products that are truly natural and effective.

I was so excited when Jen sent over some Clary Balm for me to try! The multipurpose balm can be used to soothe and protect skin of all types. As someone with dry and sensitive skin, I am always seeking to find reliable balms for my hands and body. This Clary Balm contains Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender, Plantain, Olive Oil, and Beeswax. I love this formula and can't wait to keep using this on my body to soothe and protect my skin that often finds itself in need of a little extra care. (Season changes are hard, you guys!)

Not only do I fully recommend Clary Collection, but I also encourage you to look up these badass women. Jen has done phenomenal work with a U.K. children's charity and is a mother. Not to mention, she is married to The Black Keys's Dan Auerbach.

Adriel is a musician and the founder of The Refuge, which is a non-profit organization providing sanctuary for the pursuit of creative expression through music and art. She is also a mother.

This collection is an empowering ode to women and that's something I can get behind.


Erbaviva - Organic Skincare

OKAY. So I've been on this kick lately where I have been obsessing over the importance of what we put on our bodies. Sure, everyone is aware of the benefits of organic food..but have you spent much time thinking about all of the harmful chemicals that we put on our bodies in the form of cosmetics, perfume, lotion, skincare, etc!? There are tons of toxins that we expose our bodies to through the use of products that contain ingredients that are actually harmful to us.

I've been researching companies that are conscious of what they put in their products and I'm excited to begin highlighting some of my favorites. First off, I want to introduce you to Erbaviva Organic Skincare.

I first discovered this line of products through Anthropologie. Their story and purpose is inspiring to me and I fell in love with their commitment to only including pure and organic ingredients.

They sent over the Awaken Body Spray for me to try. The spray contains organic melissa, lemongrass, and rose essential oils. This blend creates the most amazing smell and I can use this spray on my body, as an air freshener, or on linens. It smells so fresh and pure that it reminds me of a bright spring day (which is perfect -- HELLO SPRING!).

They also sent over the Jasmine Grapefruit Organic Deodorant. I have been actively wanting to try a natural spray deodorant, so I was really excited when I got this in the mail. I have been using it all week and have loved it. It has organic extracts of jasmine, cypress, ginger, and grapefruit oils that create a soft but powerful scent. I know a spray deodorant can seem unique, but I have loved using this and have felt fresh and clean each day that I have used it. One of the many upsides to using a natural spray deodorant is that you don't have to worry about deodorant marks on your clothes and of course, most importantly, your body will be absorbing healthier ingredients. It's a win-win!

All in all, I am such a fan of natural products. From food to cosmetics and everywhere in between, I notice a huge difference when I am conscious of what I put on and inside of my body.

Check them out online and browse through their amazing collections of organic products. :)


Juice Bar Cleanse

To jump start this week, I embarked on a 2 day "Juice to Dinner Cleanse" from the Juice Bar in the Berry Hill neighborhood of Nashville. I have been a long-time fan of this juice shop, but I hadn't done one of their cleanses before. This cleanse was unique because it started out with juice in the morning and throughout the day, but also allowed for a kale salad for dinner. Each day came with four juices:

-1 Sweet Greens
-1 We Got The Beet
-1 Ginger Greens
-1 Orange You Glad

The salad provided for dinner each night consisted of superfoods such as kale, quinoa, and spinach. Water was also included for each day.

I enjoyed doing this cleanse because of the benefits is provided me. Most noticeably, I felt super hydrated and more focused. Cleanses aren't for everybody, but they can be a great way to detox and boost your immune system. I loved that this cleanse allowed for a nourishing salad in the evenings and emphasized the importance of drinking an abundance of water (always important--but especially important during a cleanse!). I think cleanses are a great way to reset and give yourself an extra boost of hydration when needed. :)

Head over to www.ilovejuicebar.com to read more about the benefits of cleansing and to view their full menu. 


Capri Blue Candles

Confession time: one of my biggest fears is fire. I have been terrified of fire ever since I was a small child. I'm not sure why, but I've had a phobia of fire for as long as I can remember. Birthday candles, fireplaces, sparklers on the 4th of July, and yes, candles..have always left me feeling uneasy.

One day last fall, I woke up and just decided that I wanted to buy a candle. Out of no where, it hit me that I just wanted to buy one and that I would get over my fear of fire--slowly, but surely. 

I have always LOVED the way that each Anthropologie store smells. After a bit of research, I learned that the stores burn Capri Blue Candles. Most notoriously, they burn the popular 'Volcano' scent that makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside. The Volcano scent has aromas of tropical fruits and sugared citrus. It is such a distinct and inviting scent. Last fall, I drove myself to Anthropologie and bought a Capri Blue Volcano candle. 

Ever since my first Capri Blue purchase, I have been obsessed. This past weekend, I have been burning a 'Volcano' candle in a beautiful mirrored jar from their Mercury Collection. I have also been burning 'Dark Vanilla & Sandalwood" from their Gilded Muse Collection. The jars are beautiful, well-made, and eye-catching. The aromas are unrivaled.

 I am a newfound fan of candles and such an advocate for the Capri Blue brand. Check them out on their website or on Instagram



I'm still on cloud nine from my trip to New York a couple of weeks ago. It was such a memorable time to be in the city and I especially loved my time with Aveda. I was offered the opportunity to go backstage at the Osklen presentation with Aveda, who styled the hair for the show's models. The Aveda team was incredibly warm and welcoming as they showed us around the backstage area and set us up with a stylist to do our hair in the same updo as the models. We were also offered a stress-relieving hand massage in between the chaotic backstage festivities.

I love Aveda because they use plant-derived ingredients and commit themselves to being environmentally friendly. Not only are their methods and products amazing, but they are also socially conscious--it's a win-win in my eyes!

I loved the simple, yet chic style that Aveda chose for the Osklen presentation. I loved the experience of decompressing and having my hair done backstage--it was such a needed dose of relaxation during the busyness of fashion week.

The day before the Osklen presentation, I also had the chance to visit Spoke & Weal. This salon is located in SoHo and has the absolute trendiest, coolest, hippest feel to it. I had my hair styled by Tom Davitt, who is a master colorist and stylist. Tom was incredible and talked me through the blowout process as he was doing it. He made me aware of the products that he was using in my hair, which I always appreciate. He left my hair feeling healthy, smooth, and ready for the day. He's awesome and if you want to book an appointment with him--head over to the Spoke & Weal website to do so! (It's so worth it!!)

Everyone in the salon was friendly and I would recommend Aveda to anyone looking to revive their hair in healthy and environmentally friendly ways. Some of the products I've been exposed to and love are listed below for you to check out.



Recently, I connected with the team at Real-U Australia and they have been kind enough to let me try their 3-step skin process. I have incredibly sensitive and red skin, so I have always been extra particular about the products I allow myself to use on my face. I have also been traveling quite a bit over the past couple of weeks and have found that transitioning from the dry heat of the Las Vegas desert to the humidity of Nashville is not always forgiving on my face. I am especially fond of the Real-U line of products because of their commitment to using non-harmful ingredients. None of these products contain the damaging benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that often upsets sensitive skin.

The Real-U process is a simple 3 steps:

-Gentle Foaming Cleanser: Cleanses skin without stripping sensitive skin down.

-Control+ Face Gel: Used as a serum under moisturizer, this gel helps rid skin of breakouts and reduces pore size without a drying effect (ideal!).

-Hydrate: Calms, relaxes, and hydrates skin.

I love skincare that is simple and healthy for my face. I have been using these three products and instantly noticed such an increase in hydration to my skin. I haven't had any breakouts and have felt the positive effects on my complexion. I know that skincare is a very personal matter for so many people and each person's skin requires unique attention. However, I strongly recommend this line of products if you are looking to calm down troubled skin or if you need to revive your face after traveling, like I have been doing! :) You can visit the Real-U website by clicking here.


Florapy Beauty

I have noticed a huge trend lately where women are using sheet masks as part of their skincare regimen. I have been curious about the benefits and process of using these masks, so I was super excited when the lovely ladies at Florapy sent me a couple of their face masks to try.

Florapy is awesome because their masks are made from 100% coconut (how cool?!) and they are infused with essential oils that not only benefit your skin, but also your overall mind/body balance. Each mask contains powerful flower ingredients and healing aromatherapy benefits.

So far, I have used the 'arnica rose strength+energy' mask and the 'jasmine peppermint detox' mask. I've noticed that my skin feels significantly more hydrated and soft after using these masks. Since I am a firm believer in self-care and holistic well being, I thoroughly enjoyed taking some time to myself to apply my masks, relax, breathe in the aromas, and unwind.

Florapy offers several different scents with varying benefits. Check them out on Florapy's website!


The Dry House Nashville

Throughout my experiences in the music industry in Nashville, I've heard a ton of buzz about a place called The Dry House. I've heard nothing but amazing reviews of female empowerment, community, and of course--badass hair.

During my first week back in Nashville, Ali Ryan offered me the opportunity to come in and have my hair done by her! Ali is the creator and owner of The Dry House and the brains behind this beauty operation. She has been SO kind and encouraging and has left my hair feeling like a million bucks.

Ali moved down to Nashville with the dream of starting a blow-out salon. She came to town, worked hard, networked, and eventually met her business partner, Cassidy Bentley. These two women teamed up to breathe life into The Dry House dream.

While Ali was doing my hair on Friday, she told me her story--dreams and obstacles included. She is one of the most ambitious entrepreneurs that I've met and I admire her tenacity. Women that unapologetically make their dreams reality are the people I look up to.

The Dry House has been in existence and growing rapidly for over a year now. Ali has built a team of people that help operate The Dry House. Their menu includes blow outs and braids.

The Dry House is a celebrity favorite and attracts the loyalty of many country stars. Also included in Ali's client list are other strong women entrepreneurs, such as Brittany Cole Kelley, who founded a brand called Tribe Kelley with her husband and Florida Georgia Line member, Brian Kelley. Ali hooked me up with a Tribe Kelley hat while I was in the salon.

Ali is not just phenomenal with all things glam--she is also a believer in community and women building each other up. Beauty can sometimes be a vain pursuit, but not at The Dry House. Ali has created a space with substance and purpose--to create community and allow a space for connection.

If you live in Nashville, or are planning a visit--I strongly encourage you to book an appointment at The Dry House. Click here to check out their services and to book an appointment.


i smell great

YOU GUYS! I am obsessed with a brand I recently discovered called 'i smell great' which was created by Sophia Bush and Randi Shinder. Sophia has been one of my absolute all-time biggest inspirations because of her compassion, tenacity, and determination to use her talents for the good of others. Sophia's co-founder, Randi, is one of my new-found inspirations and I admire her entrepreneurial spirit. Both women are committed to creating products that make women feel empowered, beautiful, and, well--GREAT! :)

They sent over a few products for me to try and I am such a fan of this brand! I specifically love the Beach Babe Wellness Water Mist--it smells just like a day at the beach! There are hints of salty air and coconut, but I swear they really just bottled up the essence of a tropical beach. ;) As someone who loves a day in the ocean, this mist really helps me feel more connected to the beachy feelings of summer.

I also tried the Candy Crush Reactive Lush Lip and it was awesome because it not only gives my lips the appearance of wearing gloss, but it actually felt as if it nourished and moisturized my lips. I feel like it can be hard to find a product for lips that makes them look great and feel moisturized. I am one to really despise the sticky feeling of lip gloss and this is my new best friend because it feels great and natural on my lips.

The products in this brand are to die for, but what I love even more about this company is its mission. It is focused on empowering women. What if our first intention in the morning is to say something nice to ourselves? We would be much more likely to continue our positive self-talk throughout the entire day. So many times we find ourselves criticizing something about us that it becomes a habit to look for something that is wrong. However, we have the power to love ourselves and develop the routine of believing that we are great--because we are! Let's start our days with words that matter and wake up in the morning declaring "I smell great" and continue to compliment ourselves throughout the day. Just as one simple compliment can mean so much to a stranger, the decision to be kind to ourselves (even in the simplest things) can change our entire outlook. Hope you are having a GREAT day! ;)

To shop the entire 'i smell great' line of products and scents, head over to their website at ismellgreat.com! :)


Blogilates/ Pop Pilates!

Happy Monday!

This past week I received a nice little surprise in the mail from someone I have admired for several years! Cassey Ho is an entrepreneur who founded the fitness YouTube channel and brand called "Blogilates." She creates videos and instructs group fitness classes involving her unique "Pop Pilates" workouts. She has an insane amount of energy, ambition, and passion for all that she does. She even pursued her lifelong dream of fashion design by launching her own active-wear line called Bodypop. I support and look up to women who are fearless in pursuing their passions. (#girlboss)

My sister was actually the person who first told me about Cassey a few years ago. We would do her videos, look at her calendars, and talk about her contagious energy! I continued to stay engaged with Cassey's videos and blog posts alongside eating healthier and being intentional about cardio. Throughout the past several years in college, I am proud to say that I've lost over 62 pounds!

So this week, it was exciting to exchange emails and then receive a handwritten letter from Cassey!

If you haven't checked out Blogilates, I encourage you to do so! Exercise videos may not be for everyone and I would advise that you do them alongside other fitness and health regimens, but it may just be the boost of energy you need to keep you motivated. My favorite video of hers is the "Victoria's Secret Angel Arms Workout" because it just never gets old! Perhaps it is the colorful t-shirt background, her enthusiasm over her workout music, or the moves themselves--I do this video all of the time! Her entire Victoria's Secret series is so much fun! Check it out by clicking here.